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Most students find science and mathematics tough and/or boring. Two major reasons responsible for this are

An overwhelming focus and pressure to get good marks/ranks which takes the joy out of learning and creates an atmosphere of fear and stress

The current curriculum and teaching methods being highly theoretical, outdated and disconnected from the realities of a rapidly changing world of the 21st century

At a time when the world needs problem solvers who can think critically and in a scientific manner, we find that the entire education system is falling short of motivating and preparing our students to become original thinkers and innovators of tomorrow.

Since 2009, Edudigm, an IIT Kharagpur alumni initiative, has been working towards making science & mathematics interesting, fun and enjoyable for thousands of school students across the world. We inspire students to get started on a journey where they are not only fascinated by the beautiful world of science & mathematics, but are also motivated to explore the concepts and their connections with the world. As outcomes, our students achieve their true potential and showcase it via their performance and creations across all levels (national/international) and formats (subjective/objective) of examinations and competitions across the world.

The secret sauce behind Edudigm’s success over the last 15 years is 4E’s framework. The 4E’s framework is a unique methodology of education that focuses on reversing the existing paradigm of focusing only on the outcomes of ranks/marks/grades. Our philosophy is inspired by Bhagwad Gita’s, Karmanye Vade Karasthye, Ma faleshu Kadanchana (Work without expectation of outcomes). We are deeply focused on the process of learning with the primary objective of igniting the interest and internal potential hidden in every student and putting them on a track of self-improvement. This process of the pursuit of excellence leads to an individual who is a dreamer, thinker and a doer. He/she is someone who is ready to not only face the challenges of the 21st century but also to solve them for the larger benefit of the society. Success across different external yard-sticks, be it exams, careers or jobs is therefore a by-product of the 4E’s model.

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